miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008


Ok, I'm in a very bad mood today, I guess I'm a control freak (or whatever you want to call me) and things are not the way I would like them to. So, I decided that today I will share some of my "humor" with the world through some images taken from the artist Jhonen Vasquez (Thank you my special bunny to introduce me to this kind of entertainment). Here is Filler! Who wouldn't love such an adorable creature?
He was created to give us healthy entertainment, here is how he began (click to enlarge).
Yeah, It's over, right? NOT!!! He has to keep going and going, forever! But he's so cute!
Since he can't rest, he's so depressed, and still so cute! Poor little thing, you will die some day, don't worry.
Blessed death, we all wish for that! Bye Filler Bunny, 'till the next time.

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Papapanda-san dijo...

Bonito Blog.



muy lindo blog!!
es re cute el conejito ese ...me recuerda mucho a mi coballo shinobu ^^

Mayvis dijo...

Gracias a los dos por sus comentarios. Saludos y suerte en todo!